You Make It Dull, We Make It Sharp!

Extreme Edge Sharpening is a professional full service sharpening company dedicated to superior service for both the professional and consumer alike.

Our specialty sharpening services expertly maintain the tools of barbers/ hair stylists/ beauticians, small and large animal groomers, veterinarians, seamstresses/ tailors, landscapers, woodworkers, and just about anyone else that needs precision sharpening services performed. We specialize in the care, maintenance, and repair of Andis, Oster, Wahl, Furzone clippers, and also provide an assortment of replacement parts and tools.

I am a Certified Master Sharpener, and though I am specially trained for beauty shear sharpening, I have expanded upon that training to include the sharpening of tools for just about every other trade in need of quality service for their tools. I consider myself one of the best sharpening companies you will deal with, and am willing to prove it! Utilizing the latest technology combined with time honored proven techniques, I will keep your equipment in pristine working condition with minimal downtime so that your business can run at its best.