Drop-Off Services

We are located in rural Woodstock, Illinois, about 60 miles or so northwest of Chicago, on a small but charming hobby farm. As we cater to a great number of locals, we have developed a drop off system that allows items to be dropped off or picked up 24/7 in our "Drop Off Hut". In the drop off hut you will find tubs to place your items in, and name tags to fill out with your contact information. Once the items are complete, you will be contacted and payment arrangements will be made so that pickup in the "Hut" can be set. 

Our goal is to not only provide you with the best sharpening, but to do so in the most convenient way possible.

ATTENTION Stylist/Barbers and Groomers: One thing we realize is that these items are your money makers! You need them every day, all day. In response to this our turn around times are as quick as possible, and in some cases the same day.

Extreme Edge drop off 1 Extreme Edge drop off 2