Mobile Services


With two different formats of mobile service available, we are sure to meet all of your on site sharpening needs.

To service public events like Farmers Markets, Horse Fairs, and Sheep Festivals, we utilize our custom trailer specifically set up to handle just about any sharpening of repair situation presented. If you would like us to attend your event, please feel free to contact us! 

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The other onsite sharpening service we provide is for Pet Groomers and Stylist/ Barbers/ Beauticians. This work is performed onsite at the clients business out of our custom sharpening van that has been set up for just this type of work. This service is provided only by appointment, and during that time we can collect any other items that need to be looked at for service. Clipper blades are not done onsite but instead collected for sharpening at our facility and then mailed back; only shears and scissors are done on site.

scissor sharpening scissors to be sharpened sharpening van inside sharpening van  

If you are interested in setting up appointment for us to call on your Pet Grooming, Hair Salon, Upholstery, or Quilting Shop be means of our mobile van give us call.

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