Pet and Equine Dryer and Blower Service and Repairs



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We Repair and Service most major brands of pet dryers and blowers such as Electric Cleaner Company (K-9 products, as well as Circuiteer ) Air Bear products (cage dryers,floor dryers,pet dryers) Double K ,Speed Air, Air Blaster, Edemco as well as others for both the Equine and Pet industries.

All equipment will be inspected and a written quote will sent for your approval before any work is performed.

Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your equipment running at its peak performance, always keep your filters clean, replace carbon brushes annually, and ensure the power cord is in good condition without frays or cuts that can lead to a fire

We can also supply you with replacement and wear parts, if you have part number.

We are distributor for Electric Clean Co. and Air Bear, all other dryers we purchase parts through original manufacture sources.

As a certified distributor for Electric Cleaner Company and Air Bear, we can supply your new equipment at very competitive pricing.

Whenever possible, always try to save the original packaging in case the item needs to be shipped in for repair. 

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