Forestry / Wood Working Equipment

Chain Saw Blades, Chipper Blades, Planner Blades, Stump Grinder Teeth, Axes, Hatchets, Prunners, Self Feed Wood Bits, Router Bits, Chisels, Hand Planner Blades, Carbide Saw Blades

Are any of these items making you work harder because they're dull? Don't worry, let our sharpening service get them back to factory specs and cutting like new again!

We are a classic sharpening shop that features craftsmanship over technology. We take pride in giving you back a very sharp edge within the correct tolerances so that it performs as it was designed to. 

Most of our newly sharpened blades are dip coated for protection.

All items can either be dropped off at our location 24/7 in our Drop Off Hut, or they can be mailed-in. At this time we do not have any pick up service for these items.

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