We sharpen most any type of knife blade, specializing in kitchen knives (culinary) for chef's both professional and at home

professional knife sharpening

We also sharpen Pocket Knifes, Folding Knives, and a variety of straight blades such as Hunting Knives, Filet Knives, Skinning Knives, Tactical Knives, Luna blades, etc.

We have several different types of sharpening systems (stones, belts, and abrasives) and most of the knives go through a three step process to insure a razor sharp edge.


We also do Kitchen Scissors...

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 Determining if the edge needs sharpening

1. tilt the edge about 35 degrees on the side of plastic pen and bush a little the knife should stick and not push. next run the pen down the side of the blade on the edge both sides the blades should feel smooth 2. Take a piece of note book paper or news paper place it between your thumb and index finger cut downwards on a angle from where the handle meets the blade and cut all they way to the tip of blades if the blade is sharp it will cut smoothly, if there is any imperfection you will feel it as you cut.3.Testing blade for shaving sharp, slide the blade down your arm shaving the hair off some hair will be removed but not all hair (Shaving Sharp)

General Knife Care

  • When cutting use wood or composite material only never Stone ,Steel or Glass
  • Never drop knives in sink for it will dull the edge
  • Never put knives in dishwasher as this as a tendency to dull the edge
  • Do not store knives loose in draw always use a wood block or knive sleeves or some other means to store them
  • Never use your knife to open things it will damage the edge or even break it

 Extreme Edge Sharpening

will return your knives back to you with as good of edge or better then a new edge