Large Animal Blade Sharpening

Horses / Cattle / Sheep / Alpaca / Lama / Goat

We sharpen Clipper Blades, Hoof Knives, Hoof Trimmers, Hand Shears for sheep, and are experts when it comes to sharpening or repairing Large Animal blades.

We know how important your equipment is to you, especially if you use it to make a living, and our main goal is to ensure your equipment works like it should, every time. As a trusted sharpening services for a large number of local tack shops, stables, and farms, you can trust us with your tools, and rely on us as they do.

Our goal is to deliver a blade sharper than new.

If blades are heavily rusted or pitted we probably will not attempt to sharpen them, instead we will ask if you want them replaced with new.


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