Pet Grooming Sharpening


We have been sharpening for the Pet Groomer Industry now since 2008, and during that time we have seen just about everything come through our shop. So  be ensure we are up for whatever may be thrown at us, we run three different clipper blade sharpening machines, as well as two different types scissor sharpening machines. We sharpen straight scissors, curve scissors, thinners, texerizer both convex and bevel edge, along with left and right hand . Our customers rely on their tools for their business, and we take great pride in doing the job correctly, ensuring they can perform at their best.


If you need your CLIPPERS SERVICED OR REPAIRED, be sure to send them along with other items


Clipper Blades Sharpening Service

All of the clipper blades we receive are inspected for broken teeth, worn springs and sockets and other wear parts. Any blade we deem not worthy of resharpening will be set aside until we can discuss the options with the client. (For example, should we replace the broken parts or replace/ send new blade.) For your convenience, our main number accepts text messages so please feel free to utilize this for the quickest response.

Certified Master Clipper Blade Technicians' Procedure: Blades are taken apart, cleaned, sharpened, cleaned again, reassembled, and then set and adjusted. Next we test for sharpness, clean one more time, carefully oil, and only then is the tool ready to be put back into service.

Shear and Scissor Sharpening Service

Whether it be a $300 shear or a $30 pair of scissors, all the work gets the same service and each scissor will be sharpened and brought back to the factory specs, ensuring it will perform to the best of its abilities. (most of the time better than new!) But as with all tools that have aged, there comes a time when the scissor or shear has been sharpened so many times it simply becomes kind of worn out. When that's the case, those scissors will never be as good as new, so before proceeding with the service we will contact you to discuss options. If the scissor is missing a finger rest or bumper they will be replaced for additional charge unless you tell us otherwise. Our goal is to be completely fair and up front as we are not here to take your money or do the job in a less than perfect manner. We want to provide an honest and thorough service, one that you will rely on for years to come. 

Scissor will be sharpened and honed to achieve the sharpest and smoothest cut possible, then checked for alignment and balance. Once this is complete the shear will be tested for performance and then be ready to go back into service.

All work performed by a Master Shear Sharpener.

Preparing Items for Shipping:

  • Do not ship items/ tools/ blades loose in a box.
  • Wrap all blades individually, protecting each scissor separately.
  • Use a box large enough to fit all items comfortably with extra bubble wrap or some sort of protection around them. 

Caring for your Scissor and Shears:

  • Always try to keep them in protective case when not in use.
  • Thoroughly wipe them off at the end of the day and occasionally place a small amount of oil at the pivet screw.
  • If you should get a nick in your blade STOP - Do Not Use and have the shear looked at by a profestional sharpener. Your safety and the safety of those around you must be your main concern.

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Shown below are just some of the items we sharpen for groomers

Up to three nail trimmers are sharpened FREE  with orders over $40 if sent along with your items.

   scissors to be sharpened