Salons & Barbers Shear Sharpening

Salon / Barber Shear Sharpening


Extreme Edge we will service your shears to factory specifications using the lastest sharpening techniques by our Master Certified Sharpener. Service includes alignment, bumper replacment, and balancing of the blade as required for proper tension.

We sharpen both German and Japanese style shears; right and left hand (Straight Blade ,Curve Blade,Thinners and Chunkers) along with serrated blades.

When sending your shears to us you can be assured they will be reconditioned and sharpened as good as new as all work is done by  a Master Certified Sharpener.

All work is 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction or it will be redone at no additional cost. 

We only use the correct sharpening technique for your type of shear: Flat Hone- Diamond Stone- Water Stone- Belts- Wheels 

Once we receive your shears they will be inspected for any defects, missing or worn out parts. If we see any problems or concerns with the shear you will be contacted to discuss the issue prior to us proceeding. If we find no problems the shear will be sharpened, followed up with receiving your preferred method of payment.

Shear sharpening services are returned as quickly as possible, usually within a few days after we receive them, and sent out through USPS with tracking numbers.

Preparing Items for Shipping:

  • Do not ship items/ tools/ blades loose in a box.
  • Wrap all shears individually, protecting each shear separately.
  • Use a box large enough to fit all items comfortably with extra bubble wrap or some sort of protection around them. 


Our Process for Sharpening

  • Shears are tested to see how they are cutting
  • Shears are then disassembled  for cleaning
  • shears are honed and original convex or bevel  factory edge is then sharpened
  • Shears hollow ground is then polsied cleaned and assembled
  • Shears are then balance and adjusted
  • Tested to insure a perfect cutting blade with no push


Scissor Terminology

Its important to understand the the differance between bevel edge (non honed edge), convex edge (honed edge), and how they are differant. Understanding the names of the components will better allow you to understand the work being performed, and convey issues you may have with other tools in the future.



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